Identity Crisis: Advice for Gender Critical Teens and Twenty-Somethings

Hosted BySasha White and M.K. Fain

4W and Plebity Collaboration featuring M. K. Fain and Sasha White

“Identity Crisis”  is a new weekly column and podcast for young people struggling with the modern orthodoxy of gender identity ideology—developed in collaboration between Plebity and 4W by women who have been there.

Each week, we will answer one or two of your questions, both as a running column on 4W, and in the form of a video podcast on YouTube.

To submit a question, email us at: [email protected]. We hope to hear from you soon!

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The Identity Crisis Forum

In addition to my advice and discussions with M.K. Fain in our videos and column, I am creating a platform here where gender critical teens and twenty-somethings can have a voice. This is a forum for people with diverse perspectives to explore complex topics in a respectful, open way. If you would like to submit an article to be considered for the Identity Crisis Forum, whether anonymously or not, please use the contact form here on

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Q&A with Zoe

Zoe - anonymous lesbian black radfem gen z-er For the first entry on the Identity Crisis Forum, I present to you a Q&A with a young woman we will refer to as Zoe. I received an email from Zoe, who told me that she was about to turn eighteen. She wrote that she is secretly a gender critical lesbian, but that if her peers knew what she was really thinking, they would label her a TERF and cancel her. Zoe wanted to tell her story and share her views on feminism, but wasn’t comfortable revealing her name, face, or voice for an interview.

That is how terrible this debate has become‒‒intelligent young women silence themselves about their experiences and their opinions out of the very rational fear of backlash from gender identity idealogues. After corresponding for a couple of weeks, Zoe and I did this interview over email. Her raw and honest answers paint a picture of an intellectually nonconforming and pensive young woman. Zoe’s range of experience will defy any attempts to put her into a box.

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Q&A with Zoe