Hosted BySophie Watson and Niloo Daliri

Coming Soon Once, when Socrates and a friend had failed to resolve the philosophical questions that they had been puzzling over all day, he ended their conversation with the words, “But tomorrow morning let us meet here again.” Plebity’s Agora aims to be a part of this tradition of patient but doggedly determined truth-seeking. Through...

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Plebity Clips

Shorter excerpts drawn from highlights of our long form interviews.

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The Underground

Hosted BySasha White and Nesim Vatani

The Underground is a weekly show about political and cultural events and issues. Co-hosts Sasha White and Nesim Vatani cover the topics from an alternative perspective, critical of identitarianism and groupthink. Sasha White is co-founder of Plebity, and in addition to co-hosting The Underground with Nesim, she hosts Crossroads, a long form interview show. Nesim...

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Hosted BySasha White and M.K. Fain

Identity Crisis: Advice for Gender Critical Teens and Twenty-Somethings

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Free Speech Fund

Become a Patron! Please support the Plebity Free Speech Fund either on Patreon or on our GoFundMe page here. The grant application for the Free Speech Fund is here. The Plebity Free Speech Fund The Plebity Free Speech Fund will raise funds and provide grants as a way to offer material support for the cause...

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Hosted ByPlebity


Hosted BySasha White

Welcome to the Crossroads interview series! My name is Sasha White, and I was fired for my tweets in August 2020. I was accused of “transphobia” by an anonymous user for my critiques of gender identity ideology, and my employer terminated me in under two hours. You can read that story in full detail here....

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