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Rozali Telbis

I write commentary from a place of reason, humanism, and critical thought. My work has appeared in Areo, CounterPunch, Spiked, among others. You can find more of my work at Growing up Alienated, an independent commentary and analysis site. You can reach me at [email protected]

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Hosted BySasha White and M.K. Fain

Identity Crisis: Advice for Gender Critical Teens and Twenty-Somethings

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Free Speech Fund

Become a Patron! Please support the Plebity Free Speech Fund either on Patreon or on our GoFundMe page here. The grant application for the Free Speech Fund is here. The Plebity Free Speech Fund The Plebity Free Speech Fund will raise funds and provide grants as a way to offer material support for the cause...

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Hosted ByPlebity

Critical reviews of things of interest

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Outside the Panopticon

It’s not inevitable…is it?

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Hosted BySasha White

Tormented by a spiritual thirst, I stumbled through a gloomy waste,And there a six-winged seraphAppeared before me at the crossroad. -Pushkin, “The Prophet” Welcome to the Crossroads podcast! My name is Sasha White, and I was fired for my tweets in August 2020. I was accused of “transphobia” by an anonymous user for my critiques...

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