Agora Episode 1: Identity
October 29, 2021

Links for various things discussed in the episode: (independent vs interdependent self-construal) (starting point for those interested in collectivist vs individualist cultures)
Some examples of the influence of independent/interdependent self-construal on basic cognitive processes: (memory)

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Postmodernism – the joke is on society

Postmodernism – the joke is on society

REDLINE article

Cynical Theories book cover

Under postmodernism many ideas that were seen as objectively true came to be seen as mere constructions of language. Foucault refers to them as ‘discourses’ that construct knowledge. Consequently, since discourses are believed to create and maintain oppression, they have to be carefully monitored and deconstructed. This is not some obscure academic issue, it is the outlook that is behind calls for laws to outlaw speech which may cause offense.