The Underground Episode 2: Israel and Palestine
June 5, 2021

In this episode we have a conversation about the conflict in Israel and Palestine. Nesim begins the episode by providing some history of Israel and the Middle East, and then we discuss the events of May 2021 and share our thoughts on elements of the conflict such as antisemitism, the question of whether Israel is an apartheid state, and the role of U.S. imperial policy in the region.


“How Palestinians are asserting their right to live in the holy city”:
Finkelstein: Palestine’s ICC victory thwarted by Israel’s apartheid reality”:
A regime of Jewish supremacy from the Jordan River to the Mediterranean Sea: This is apartheid:
Israel and Occupied Palestinian Territories 2020:
“Nearly half of Israeli Jews believe Arabs should be ‘expelled’ from Israel, survey finds”:
Man in brawl with pro-Palestinians appeared to have knife, was alongside members of U.S.-deemed terror group”:
Gaza: An Inquest into Its Martyrdom – Norman G. Finkelstein Norman G. Finkelstein
Aaron Mate’s interview with Norman Finklestein on Gaza and the consequences of Operation Protective Edge: Norman Finkelstein on Gaza’s Martyrdom (1/4)

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The woke left is to left as ersatz coffee is to coffee

The woke left is to left as ersatz coffee is to coffee


1948 Nescafe advertisement

One of the hallmarks of today’s woke left is to conflate speech with violence. Fearful of the ‘harm’ that might be experienced from hearing certain words, the woke left has become widely confused about the issue of free speech in general and between speech and literal, physical violence.

In New Zealand this week, Posie Parker was assaulted as she tried to speak–a mob surrounded her and forced her off the stage and ultimately out of the country. The group that prevented her from speaking has taken to social media to declare a great victory.