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Canceled Women with M.K. Fain

Canceled Women with M.K. Fain

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M.K. Fain Mary Kate (M. K.) is a feminist writer, activist, and engineer. She is the Founder and Editor in Chief of 4W and the Co-founder of M.K. joined me to compare our experiences of being fired after expressing our gender critical views. We also discussed censorship, radical feminism versus liberal feminism, the left’s problem with class and free speech, and more!

“We should change the society, we should change gender norms so that if you like feminine things, you don’t have to be a woman. It used to be ‘you’re a woman, therefore you must be feminine.’ And now it’s ‘you’re feminine, therefore you must be a woman.’ And so if you’re not feminine, you must not be a woman.”

-M.K. Fain on gender identity ideology