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A Conversation with Feminist Lawyer Kara Dansky

A Conversation with Feminist Lawyer Kara Dansky

Kara Dansky is an attorney, public speaker, writer, and consultant who currently serves on the steering committee of the U.S. chapter of the Women’s Human Rights Campaign (WHRC). She also serves as the Chair of the Committee on Law and Legislation for WHRC globally. Kara has a background in criminal justice law and policy, and formerly served on the board of the Women’s Liberation Front.

She joins me in this episode to talk about the push to redefine sex in the law to include the nebulous concept of gender identity, the current court cases where women’s sex-based rights hang in the balance, and how she sees the gender identity ideology movement as a continuation in a long history of male abuse and silencing of women.

Note: We talked about a hearing in the State v. Dana Rivers case as happening “tomorrow” AKA March 25th, the day after this was filmed. For updates on the case, visit Kara’s website:

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