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“A Lot of Adult Gays and Lesbians Quietly, Secretly Agree” -Arty Morty

“A Lot of Adult Gays and Lesbians Quietly, Secretly Agree” -Arty Morty

Arty Morty Arty Morty sits down with me for an in depth conversation about what made him start to question gender identity ideology, the realizations that come with being outside the popular opinion of the cultural mainstream, the problems plaguing worthwhile social justice movements today, and so much more.

Full title quote: “I’m really concerned for the gay and lesbian kids, or just gender nonconforming kids in general. Gender nonconforming kids are really being pushed into this when they would otherwise be perfectly fine without it. We’ve known every previous generation that girls who are very masculine or very feminine boys, they got through the distress of forming their identity, while being gender nonconforming, while being atypical for their sex, and they ended up fine as members of their own sex with intact bodies. So it shatters my heart that so many kids are having all of this done to them, when it’s clearly not going to benefit them in the long run in most of the cases (not in all of them)… I think it’s a nuclear emergency. All hands on deck, we need to be fighting this with everything we’ve got…

What really upsets me is the way a lot of adult gays and lesbians quietly, secretly agree. You know, I’m a bartender at a gay bar; you overhear all these conversations, everybody’s saying the same thing—whispered tones, ‘gosh these trans teens just seem like us when we were teens. Except now they’re all trans. I think we would have all ended up trans if we were raised in this day and age.’ But we’ve all been trained to just live and let live, and to not look to deeply, not pry too far into the contradictions and problems with the transsexual ideology, that everybody just kind of stays away and keeps their head down. And I think the time for that is over, because the number of kids who clearly are not going to benefit from transition, who are having this done—we have to stop this, and we have to start looking really hard at gender identity theory, and at what transsexualism is.”
-Arty Morty

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