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Fired From Women’s Org for Being Gender Critical

Fired From Women’s Org for Being Gender Critical

Valerie Pelletier is a feminist, street musician and survivor of the sex industry from the age of 16 to 23 years old.

Valerie joins me to talk about her life story and the most recent event of being fired from a women’s resource organization in Canada for her gender critical Facebook posts.

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One comment on “Fired From Women’s Org for Being Gender Critical

  1. Ana says:

    FYI some of the info in your article on this is incorrect. So it’s the Quebec court system not the Canadian court system. A shelter falls under provincial jurisdiction. The Canadian Human Rights Commission is for federal employers & institutions. It would the Quebec Human Rights tribunal she would appeal to. Bill C-16 is federal, not provincial. It does not apply to an employer unless they are federal institutions which the shelter is not. Also, Bill C-16 added Gender Identity & Expression but did NOT remove ‘Sex’ from the Charter of rights & freedoms. No woman has challenged the interpretation or application of Bill C-16 in court with the Sex exemption.

    The Vancouver Shelter was defunded for not accepting trans identified males as clients. It was not defunded for not having male employees as that was challenged to the Supreme Court & the shelter won years ago. The defunding was recent.

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