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Lawyer for Rob Hoogland Discusses the Case

Lawyer for Rob Hoogland Discusses the Case

Carey Linde is a family law attorney currently representing Rob Hoogland, a British Columbia father who was jailed and sentenced to six months in prison for opposing his teenage daughter’s gender transition. Carey joins me to discuss the shocking details of the case, including that transgender organizations may have instructed the child to claim she would commit suicide if she was not given hormones. We also cover a variety of other issues at play regarding gender ideology, such as Canadian lawyers being directed to give their pronouns in court, schools not informing parents of children’s new gender identities, and the fact that in Canada, a doctor can begin gender treatment on a minor without parental approval or even knowledge in some cases. Carey spoke to me on the condition that we would refer to his client as C.D. in the interview, but made it clear that I could choose whether or not I would use his name in my reporting. I choose to name the father, Rob Hoogland, in the interest of spreading awareness about the case and to exercise my freedom of speech.

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