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Lessons from the 2nd Wave with Women’s Liberation Leader Harriet Fraad

Lessons from the 2nd Wave with Women’s Liberation Leader Harriet Fraad

In this episode, I’m joined by Harriet Fraad, feminist activist, psychotherapist and hypnotherapist, for a discussion on feminism and class. We talk about how class needs to be at the basis for all social justice activism, her thoughts on the failures and successes of the 2nd wave, debates within feminism like trans activism, Gloria Steinem and the corporate and government sabotage of feminism and the racial equality movement, and the destructive mindset feminists should avoid if they want to be successful in the movement.

Listen to Capitalism Hits Home with Harriet Fraad:

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One comment on “Lessons from the 2nd Wave with Women’s Liberation Leader Harriet Fraad

  1. Hingis Fan says:

    I was surprised you accepted these two points from Dr Harriet Fraad without any pushback.

    Female as class
    Although Dr Fraad may be right on a narrow technical level that females may not be a class in the same way as say “working class” but is that not missing the point of why anybody should be bothered to group “workers” as a class – i.e. so that “workers” can fight in unity for their rights. To my mind of all the groups in the world if “females” were to unite as class, the world be a better place instantly.

    If by magic you could stop all racism at a personal level from tomorrow, only about 2% of the world’s population would see any difference in their daily life but if you were to stop sexism at a personal level tomorrow 51% of the population, that is over 3 Billion women would have a better life immediately.

    Any if by the same magic you could make the “working class” better paid by x 10 times tomorrow, women will still suffer oppression by men at work and at home to the same level as the day before despite the “working class” receiving higher share of the wealth of the country.

    But despite this obvious truths Dr Fraad considers that feminism can only succeed if feminist divide their efforts three ways – against racism, capitalism and “gender”. Does Dr Fraad know at which level of income a man stops being a sexist and or a rapist.

    Men in women’s prisons
    You asked her about rapists identifying as women and being allowed to be housed with women in women and baby prisons and she ignored that and said the TRAs should not get offended about being misgendred but they should just gently correct the “mistake”.

    Given that this was your 2nd interview with Dr Fraad, I hope you have the relationship established to the degree that you can get her to reply these points even now.

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