Crossroads Episode Three: Ryan Devereaux on the U.S.-Mexico Border

Crossroads Episode Three: Ryan Devereaux on the U.S.-Mexico Border

Conversation with Ryan DevereauxInvestigative journalist Ryan Devereaux joins us for a discussion on the politics of the border frontier. Ryan has reported for the Intercept on the U.S.-Mexico border for the past several years. In this episode, Ryan speaks about the intersections between increasing militarization and climate change, and outlines some of the human and ecological atrocities taking place in the border zone.

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Wall mural in Ajo, Arizona

Photo by Sasha White

Ajo, Arizona: a small town near the border and a hub for migrants and the activists who try to help them. Near the town’s center there is an alley covered with murals that contain messages of resistance and hope. This mural places two maps side by side to make a powerful statement: Germany, separated by the Berlin Wall, and the T.O. Nation, divided by the U.S. border with Mexico. The Tohono O’odham have populated the Sonoran Desert for thousands of years. When the U.S. made a land purchase from Mexico in 1854, the T.O. nation was split by the new border, blocking the travel of both people and wildlife throughout the desert.