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Sean P. McCarthy: r/WallStreetBets Should Scare the Elites

Sean P. McCarthy: r/WallStreetBets Should Scare the Elites

Sean McCarthy Sean P. McCarthy is a comedian and co-host of the Grubstakers podcast, which covers the lives and misdeeds of billionaires. Sean joins me to talk about GameStop, Wall Street, populist movements, and why this story about the stock market should matter to all of us.

“There is a contingent of people on [r/WallStreetBets] and 4chan, and the internet more generally, who essentially want to burn down the system. I talked earlier about all these ways that the system has failed young men and women coming up. A lot of people have reacted to that by just going essentially ‘fuck these people, fuck these institutions, I wanna see them burn down. I don’t care if I lose money, I just want chaos.’ That impulse SHOULD frighten the elites because it does say that whatever this particular thing was, whether or not it’s over now, this sentiment is going to continue so long as these problems are just never addressed—which there’s no indication that they will be in the near future.” – Sean McCarthy

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