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Zach Elliott Dissects the ACLU’s Claims About Trans Athletes

Zach Elliott Dissects the ACLU’s Claims About Trans Athletes

The Gender Paradox - Zack Elliot Zach Elliott is the founder of the Paradox Institute, a science education group presenting contemporary sex difference research in short animated videos. He researches and writes about human sex differences and the biology of sex, and plans to pursue a Master of Science in Biology.

Zach joins Sasha to thoroughly dissect a recent tweet thread by the American Civil Liberties Union, “Four Myths About Trans People in School Sports: Debunked.” We read through each “myth” presented by the ACLU and tried to give as impartial and rational a critique as we could. Zach explains why the “facts” about biological sex in the thread are misleading or downright incorrect. We also discuss the recent legal cases surrounding girl’s high school track teams. Zach gives one proposal for how to solve the issue of transgender people and sports teams, and we muse on the circularity and vagueness of many of the ACLU’s points.

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Literature review mentioned by Zach: “Transgender Women in the Female Category of Sport: Perspectives on Testosterone Suppression and Performance Advantage” by Emma N. Hilton & Tommy R. Lundberg

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