A Conversation with Feminist Lawyer Kara Dansky
April 1, 2021

Kara Dansky is an attorney, public speaker, writer, and consultant who currently serves on the steering committee of the U.S. chapter of the Women’s Human Rights Campaign (WHRC). She also serves as the Chair of the Committee on Law and Legislation for WHRC globally. Kara has a background in criminal justice law and policy, and formerly served on the board of the Women’s Liberation Front.

She joins me in this episode to talk about the push to redefine sex in the law to include the nebulous concept of gender identity, the current court cases where women’s sex-based rights hang in the balance, and how she sees the gender identity ideology movement as a continuation in a long history of male abuse and silencing of women.

Note: We talked about a hearing in the State v. Dana Rivers case as happening “tomorrow” AKA March 25th, the day after this was filmed. For updates on the case, visit Kara’s website: https://www.karadansky.com/state-v-dana-rivers-updates

Watch the video here: https://youtu.be/4VrjwUxqt-A

Equality For All Act: https://www.womensdeclaration.com/en/country-info/united-states-america/whrc-usa/equality-for-all-act/
Declaration on Women’s Sex-Based Rights: https://www.womensdeclaration.com/en/declaration-womens-sex-based-rights-full-text/
Kara’s website: https://www.karadansky.com/
Follow Kara on twitter: https://twitter.com/KDansky

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Transgender ideology and free speech – Stella O’Malley, Arty Morty

Transgender ideology and free speech – Stella O’Malley, Arty Morty


Transgender ideology and free speech - Stella O’Malley, Arty Morty

Panelists: Stella O’Malley, Arty Morty

Moderator: Sasha White

Description: Stella and Arty discuss the difficulties of speaking up and being heard on the topic of transgender ideology.

Stella O'Malley is an Irish psychotherapist and author, with three books on parenting and mental health. She is a regular contributor to Irish national newspapers, podcasts, and TV. Her latest book is What Your Teen is Trying to Tell You.

Stella O'Malley's BBC documentary 'Trans Kids - it's time to talk': https://vimeo.com/304866757

Arty Morty is a commentator, writer and YouTuber who reports on gender ideology and its effects on children, women and the gay rights movement. Arty co-hosts an online show called The Mess We're In with Graham Linahan and Helen Staniland. He's known for his clarity and breaking down complex and contentious issues, and for his strong advocacy for gender non conforming individuals. He's written for Plebity,  Lesbian and Gay News and on his substack artymorty.substack.com.

Sasha White became a free speech advocate in 2020 after being fired for her personal comments on transgender ideology. She has written for Spiked online, Tablet Magazine, and 4W. She co-founded the Plebity Free Speech Fund and hosts interviews on the Plebity Youtube channel.

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Race, Identity politics, and the Traditional Left with Norman Finkelstein and Sabrina Salvati

Race, Identity politics, and the Traditional Left with Norman Finkelstein and Sabrina Salvati


Race, Identity politics, and the Traditional Left with Norman Finkelstein and Sabrina Salvati

Panelists: Sabrina Salvati, Norman Finkelstein

Moderator: Jyotishman Mudiar

Description: Recently on her podcast, Sabrina reacted to comments Norman made, which in her view minimized the relative differences in the lives and experiences of blacks and whites in the United States today. In that podcast, Sabrina expressed strong disagreement and mentioned an interest in talking directly with Norman about these issues. Today we bring them together as part of Plebity’s Conference.

Norman Finkelstein is a longtime author and scholar. His academic career has spanned many decades since his PhD from Princeton University in 1987. He has written numerous books, among them The Holocaust Industry, which generated significant controversy. Norman has written and spoken extensively on the Israel-Palestine conflict.

Norman is a lifelong scholar and activist of the left. His latest book, I Will Burn That Bridge When I Get to It, is a critique of current day identity politics and can be purchased here:

Sabrina Salvati is the host of Sabby Sab's podcast and the co-host of Revolutionary Blackout Network. She is an activist and former educator. Sabrina writes on her substack https://sabbysabs.substack.com/ and provides leftist commentary and interviews on her youtube channel https://www.youtube.com/sabbysabs.

Jyotishman Mudiar is a co-founder of the YouTube podcast India & Global Left (IGL).

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The woke left is to left as ersatz coffee is to coffee

The woke left is to left as ersatz coffee is to coffee


1948 Nescafe advertisement

One of the hallmarks of today’s woke left is to conflate speech with violence. Fearful of the ‘harm’ that might be experienced from hearing certain words, the woke left has become widely confused about the issue of free speech in general and between speech and literal, physical violence.

In New Zealand this week, Posie Parker was assaulted as she tried to speak–a mob surrounded her and forced her off the stage and ultimately out of the country. The group that prevented her from speaking has taken to social media to declare a great victory.