Plebity internship

Plebity is currently offering a couple of internship opportunities. This is a part-time position with a modest stipend, see the details below.

Internship duration: 3 months

Time committment: This position would require approximately 12-15 hours per week and would be entirely offsite.

Compensation: This is a volunteer position with a $500 stipend to help cover expenses which would be paid on successful completion of the 3 month internship.

Positions: 2. We’re looking for two interns who would work with each other and with the rest of the Plebity team via email and regular Zoom meetings.

Description: Interns would research relevant news items or social media postings; brainstorm topics and potential participants in regular Zoom meetings; help organize and schedule panels by reaching out, primarily by email to potential participants; host the Zoom panels they have organized and be present to welcome guests off camera. The intern needs to be able to communicate with multiple participants simultaneously to arrive at mutually agreeable dates and times and then confirm and send out reminders to all participants before the panel.

The intern needs to be comfortable reaching out and engaging with people they don’t know, adept at explaining Plebity’s goals and mission and able to clearly articulate and present to potential participants the topic for each panel they are organizing and to explain why it is relevant to Plebity’s mission.

We would also hope that interns might be interested in moderating one or more panels themselves and this is optional but we would encourage it. They would also be invited to write article(s) for posting on Plebity’s website.

To apply:
Send us your resume along with EITHER a cover letter OR a brief video introducing yourself, explain your interest in this internship and suggest one or two news items (recent or not) that might be relevant panel discussion topics for Plebity based on our stated mission and the examples you are able to see on our website or our youtube channel.

If you are interested in the possibility of hosting a panel (encouraged but not required) then you might want to choose the video option.

Send your application to: internship at plebity dot org.