Privacy Policy

Our policy is to minimize the lack of privacy that you are subject to while visiting our site.

Specifically, we do track aggregate site traffic. To do this we use an open source application called Matomo (previously Piwik). This application is hosted on our server which means that unlike ubiquitous ‘other’ site tracking software, the information we collect lands directly on our own server where it remains. We don’t share the information for any purpose with anyone.

In addition, we respect the do-not-track browser setting and will not record visits to the site by anyone who has this set on their browser.

We anonymize IP addresses – this means that we don’t record the full IP address of anyone who visits Plebity. For example the full IP which might look like this – specifically leads back to an individual. However, before recording it we anonymize it to This cannot be tracked back to any person or address.

We record this information only to know which pages on our site are being visited and from what regions. We’re not interested in, and we don’t record, any specific individual information about site visitors.