About Us

Who We Are

The word ‘Plebity’ refers to everyday people, and in this spirit the organization was created by a small team from a kitchen table. We started Plebity because we wanted to provide a platform for real issues and real people to have a voice—, especially those voices that are so often silenced by mainstream media.

Plebity is a cooperative project, owned and managed collectively. We believe in democracy in the workplace as a fundamental starting point for any meaningful social change.

We believe in the principle of free speech, even for speech that we may not agree with. Being able to speak freely, and even to make mistakes, is a basic foundation of critical thinking and human freedom.

Plebity is a platform for articles, in depth interviews, and podcasts.

We are also the home of the Plebity Free Speech Fund, which exists to aid those who have been fired or otherwise significantly harmed as a result of their speech.

To learn more about the Fund, click here.

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