About us

Plebity is dedicated to reclaiming the most core value of the left: free speech.

Plebity exists to advocate for free speech as the necessary foundation for achieving all other leftist ideals:

  • rejecting authoritarianism and totalitarianism
  • organizing around issues of class and fighting for economic equality, environmental justice and against endless wars
  • working against historic and enduring racism and bigotry
  • critiquing identity politics which has created an enormous rift on the left that only serves the powerful elites. This division has profoundly distracted us from uniting to challenge power and create real change that will make everyone’s lives better
  • supporting workplace democracy and opposing oligarchic control of society by a small number of monopolistic corporations
  • combatting both private and state censorship
  • resisting surveillance capitalism and the corresponding control of our online lives. We support efforts to develop and educate around alternative software
Plebity is a U.S. non-profit 501(c)(3) corporation. Our IRS Employee Identification Number (EIN) is 47-4105565.

We have created the Plebity Free Speech Fund to concretely support those who, regardless of political persuasion, have been fired or otherwise significantly harmed as a result of their speech. We offer support for certain litigation that supports free speech.

We believe in financial transparency.

We accept the necessity of sometimes working with others who may only agree with us on a specific issue.

To learn more about the Fund and to see who has received grants from Plebity, click here.

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