Hello, do you know the difference? The Raytheon, Goldman Sachs left is not the left.
November 13, 2022

Dear Liberals or Conservatives, When you say left, you probably aren’t actually talking about the left. Find another name. Or at least understand the difference between the woke left and the traditional left which although largely silenced does still exist. Here is a crude guide for liberals and conservatives who want to know the difference. PS: If you want a stark demonstration of the differences between the current woke left and traditional left, and see how the woke left has become the intersectional pet of the ruling elites, watch this 2 minute CIA recruiting video or read: Anti-Oppression Politics is a Red Herring to Divert Our Attention from Empire, Inequality, and Class Solidarity.

Issue Traditional left Woke left
Free speech Yes, a core value historically, although there is debate about the boundaries No
Speech is violence No Yes
Anti-capitalist Yes Sometimes lip service but belied by funding and support they receive in the halls of capitalism
Anti-authoritarian Yes, no, depends. Historically, plenty of both. The anti-authoritarian strands generally consider that leftist ideology was hijacked and distorted by authoritarians, such as the Bolsheviks No
Class analysis Yes No
Antiracist Yes, but sees working on material benefits for everyone as a path to diminish real, historical racism Centers on race as an explanation for everything, perpetuates grouping of humanity by race
Universalist core No, centers on grouping people by race and race as an explanation for all the world’s ills
Anti-empire Yes although sometimes blindspots for some leftists in being able to see non-american imperialism for what it is Speaks about anti-colonialism of the past but is supported by the most imperialist of corporations and supports many imperialist policies based on party partisanship
Workers’ rights Yes, including worker ownership of enterprise Limited to some unionization but because it centers on race, not workers in general it is divisive and supports the status quo
Social justice Yes, but focused on improving material well being of all, not centered on race Centered on race and identity
Transgender ideology Neutral, individuals could go either way but is not relevant to core leftist ideology Core issue
BLM Yes to the underlying cause of social justice, but sees the BLM organization with skepticism Yes, unequivocally
Anti-war Historically against war which is seen as elites grinding up working class Neutral but partisan pro-democrat, woke elites appear to be more Raytheon influenced
Materialist analysis of social ills Yes, primarily concerned with material well being No, primarily concerned with subjective identity and magical thinking
Challenges power Yes No


Conference 2023FeaturedFree speech and the left conference 2023
Preview next week’s Free Speech and the Left conference

Preview next week’s Free Speech and the Left conference


conference preview - 20 hours in five minutes

View this 5 minute preview of next week’s Free Speech and the Left conference

Our panelists discuss censorship, cancel culture, identity politics, the relevance of today’s left and other issues during the upcoming Free Speech and the Left conference.

The online event will take place June 17 to 24 and feature authors, academics, journalists and activists from a dozen countries. The conference will consist of pre-recorded presentations, panel discussions and livestream segments.

Participants include Nadine Strossen, Richard Wolff, Freddie deBoer, Noam Chomsky, Jill Stein, Susan Neiman, Tara Henley, Paul Jay, Jacob Mchangama, Norman Finkelstein, Wayne Hsiung, Katherine Corcoran, Ioan Grillo, Matthew Hoh, Lawrence Wilkerson and others…

Co-hosted by Plebity, India & Global Left, Redline, and acTVism Munich, the conference will be broadcast on Plebity’s YouTube channel.

The full list of panels and conference schedule can be found here: https://www.plebity.org/conference-2023-free-speech-and-the-left/.

Cancel CultureConference 2023what is leftFree speech and the left conference 2023
Class Solidarity not Cancel Culture with Jay Lesoleil and Clementine Morrigan

Class Solidarity not Cancel Culture with Jay Lesoleil and Clementine Morrigan


Class solidarity, not cancel culture with Jay Lesoleil and Clementine Morrigan

Panelists: Jay Lesoleil, Clementine Morrigan

Moderator: Scott Costen

Description:  Today’s identity politics is a toxic morass but it is possible to work towards a leftist vision of a society based on solidarity and mutual tolerance.

Jay and Clementine produce the fuckingcancelled podcast.

Scott Costen is a freelance journalist based in Nova Scotia, Canada

Animal rightsCapitalismConference 2023Free speech and the left conference 2023
Animal Rights with Wayne Hsiung and Dušan Pajović

Animal Rights with Wayne Hsiung and Dušan Pajović


Animal Rights with Wayne Hsiung and Dušan Pajović

Panelists: Wayne Hsiung, Dušan Pajović

Moderator: Rozali Telbis

Description:  Discussion on how animal rights are a free speech issue as well as a core concern for the Left.

Wayne Hsiung is an American attorney and environmental and animal rights activist. He is co-founder of the animal rights network Direct Action Everywhere (DxE) and most currently The Simple Heart Initiative dedicated to animal rescue. Wayne has a long history of non-violent direct action in support of his activist convictions.

Dušan Pajović is a Montenegrin activist and author. He is the Campaigns Coordinator and a member of the Coordinating Collective of the pan-European leftist organization DiEM25. Previously, Dušan led DiEM25’s Green New Deal for Europe campaign. In 2021, Wayne wrote this article:  Why we need to liberate animals as part of the Green New Deal.

Rozali Telbis writes about society, technology, culture, propaganda, and more. She is a regular contributor to Plebity and Nevermore. To get the latest updates on her work, subscribe to her mailing list at Growing up Alienated.