Latest Free Speech Grants Go To Rachel Damiano and Katie Medart
Sasha White
August 13, 2021

The latest Plebity Free Speech Fund recipients are two Oregon educators, Rachel Damiano and Katie Medart. Rachel, Assistant Principal, and Katie, 7th-grade science teacher, were fired from North Middle School in July after they founded I Resolve, an organization promoting policies that counter the advance of gender identity ideology in schools. Rachel and Katie lost their jobs as a result of their lawful expression, making them eligible for our Free Speech Fund, which fights back against cancel culture by supporting those who fall prey to it’s career destroying tactics. 

We are proud to support Katie and Rachel with grants from the Free Speech Fund, and we are always accepting applications from anyone who needs material support after being punished for their speech or subject to a hostile work environment due to their speech or beliefs.

Katie and Rachel gave an interview to M.K. Fain of 4W for the Women’s Liberation Front: To support the Fund and join us in fighting back against cancel culture, subscribe to us on Patreon, where you will also receive exclusive articles and videos, or make a one time donation on our GoFundMe page.

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