Justice for Marguerite
Sasha White
January 4, 2021

Marguerite Stern - National Geographic Magazine

Members of our Patreon site reviewed the details of Marguerite’s story and voted to award a grant of $1300 to Marguerite, who after more than a decade of feminist activism is out of work and in need of a new living space.

In 2019 Marguerite began a campaign of posters put up in the streets to publicize the issue of femicide in France. The campaign spread to cities throughout the country and she has become a familiar name and face in France. She was just featured in the French version of National Geographic Magazine to illustrate the word justice – see the image above.

Most recently, Marguerite has been severely targeted and harassed by gender identity ideologues for her woman centered activism.

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Here is Marguerite talking with Sasha: