Plebity Interviewed by The Sidebar
June 3, 2021

The SidebarThis week, Mark White of Plebity had the chance to meet with Scott Costen, Nova Scotia based journalist at The Sidebar to discuss our Free Speech Fund and the political vision behind Plebity. The Sidebar is part of a growing ecosystem of genuinely progressive, independent platforms that reject the conformity of much of what passes for current leftist discourse. We hope everyone will read the article and check out The Sidebar.



Postmodernism – the joke is on society

Postmodernism – the joke is on society

Redline article

Cynical Theories book cover

Under postmodernism many ideas that were seen as objectively true came to be seen as mere constructions of language. Foucault refers to them as ‘discourses’ that construct knowledge. Consequently, since discourses are believed to create and maintain oppression, they have to be carefully monitored and deconstructed. This is not some obscure academic issue, it is the outlook that is behind calls for laws to outlaw speech which may cause offense.

Redline, a voice in the wilderness for leftists who believe in free speech

Redline, a voice in the wilderness for leftists who believe in free speech

Redline - blog collective

In these times, leftists who espouse free speech are like wanderers in the wilderness. The political sands may be swirling so intensely that they are unable to see clearly, but the desert is actually filled with like-minded wanderers, each mistakenly thinking they are alone.

That is why it is all the more important to discover and support a site like Redline. Redline is a blog collective in New Zealand that combines original content with a carefully chosen selection of re-posted articles.

The content on Redline reinforces a consistent editorial line centered on class, worker rights and feminism, grounded in the materialism of the traditional left and on the principle of free speech.