Redline, a voice in the wilderness for leftists who believe in free speech
September 17, 2022

Redline - blog collective

In these times, leftists who espouse free speech are like wanderers in the wilderness. The political sands may be swirling so intensely that they are unable to see clearly, but the desert is actually filled with like-minded wanderers, each mistakenly thinking they are alone.

That is why it is all the more important to discover and support a site like Redline. Redline is a blog collective in New Zealand that combines original content with a carefully chosen selection of re-posted articles.

The content on Redline reinforces a consistent editorial line centered on class, worker rights and feminism, grounded in the materialism of the traditional left and on the principle of free speech.

It isn’t necessary to agree on the specifics of each issue as it is presented on Redline. More important is recognizing that the site is grounded in critical thinking and the free exchange of ideas. Redline rejects the self censorship so rampant on leftist platforms.

Confusing times for those confused about politics

Leftists values are real, they reflect a particular view of the world and social interactions. Inside this tent called ‘the left’ there is plenty of room for disagreement. Leftist values may be broad, but they are distinct and not reflected in labels like ‘heterodox’ or ‘politically homeless’. These terms mistakenly present themselves as safe harbors in the face of the extreme intolerance of what currently passes as the left.

“…wokeism is a neoliberal movement rather than a left movement..parading identity profiles rather than challenging the state or economic structures. “ -Daphna Whitmore Redline

Free speech is the primary tool for thinking and exchanging ideas.

It is important that free speech as a core value is not ceded to right wing, conservative or even ‘heterodox’ platforms. Leftists who believe in free speech should be explicit in embracing this value as part of their leftist beliefs. Others will hear the message and know that they are not alone or homeless.

Plebity is looking forward to sharing content and exploring ways to collaborate with Redline and others to amplify all of our voices.

The big platforms have gone missing. But small voices can join other small voices and fill the void.

Some content on Redline:


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The woke left is to left as ersatz coffee is to coffee

The woke left is to left as ersatz coffee is to coffee


1948 Nescafe advertisement

One of the hallmarks of today’s woke left is to conflate speech with violence. Fearful of the ‘harm’ that might be experienced from hearing certain words, the woke left has become widely confused about the issue of free speech in general and between speech and literal, physical violence.

In New Zealand this week, Posie Parker was assaulted as she tried to speak–a mob surrounded her and forced her off the stage and ultimately out of the country. The group that prevented her from speaking has taken to social media to declare a great victory.

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The why and what of our Free Speech and the Left virtual conference

The why and what of our Free Speech and the Left virtual conference


Free speech and the left conference 2023

Momentum is building for our Free Speech and the Left virtual conference scheduled for June, 2023.

The conference participants include some of today’s most interesting voices, coming together to discuss the most divisive issues of the day.

We’re in active collaboration with the New Zealand site Redline, India & the Global Left and acTVism Munich.

What is the left?

Panelists will consider whether leftist thought offers relevant and useful ways of thinking about capitalism and exploitation, empire and forever wars, cancel culture and identity politics, environmental destruction and degrowth, social justice and universalism, animal rights and morality, and of course free speech.

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Daughter of Spanish Civil War veteran speaks out about identity politics

Daughter of Spanish Civil War veteran speaks out about identity politics


Jim Higgins - Fighting for Democracy. A Canadian Activist in Spain's Civil War

“I couldn’t be myself,” or words to that effect: It was written in pencil on a piece of scrap foolscap I found amongst my father‘s papers after he died in 1982. He wrote that sentiment in 1977 when he was working on his memoir. My father’s name was Jim Higgins, and his book is called Fighting for Democracy: a Canadian Activist in Spain’s Civil War. It was not published until 2020.