Stella O’Malley: the Plight of Parents with Gender Dysphoric Children
July 15, 2021

In this episode I’m joined by psychotherapist and writer Stella O’Malley to discuss her new organization for parents of gender-questioning kids, Genspect. We talk about the gender medicine industry, the nightmare situation many parents find themselves in when they bring their child to a gender therapist for help, the motives of the doctors and other professionals who push this experimental craze, and much more.



Documentary: TRANS KIDS: It’s Time To Talk

2011 study on puberty blockers:

2014 study follow-up study on puberty blockers:

Only long term study of trans, 2011, Sweden:

Diane Ehrensaft, Satanic panic paper:

Satanic panic:

The Multiple Personality Disorder scandal:

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