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Georgetown Abandons Its Free-Speech Policy Over Ilya Shapiro - Dumb tweets for me, but not for thee. - by Jonathon Chait,academia
The Silenced Students in the “Free Speech” Debate

Marginalized people at universities across the country are trying to reframe the conversation around censorship and expression. Nation07/05/2022academia
Free-speech group will spend millions to promote First Amendment cases

Some backers see FIRE moving to take on fights ceded by ACLU.,aclu
George Washington University Officials Defend Clarence Thomas' Free Expression Rights amendment
FIRE announces $75 million expansion into off-campus free speech advocacy, defense
Elon Musk promotes free speech at Twitter all-hands meeting, says the media 'almost never' gets it right, musk
How Israel's Campaign Against the 'Apartheid' Label Threatens Free Speech -Sarah Leah Whitson, Palestine, apartheid, antisemitism
Trump's "free speech" platform Truth Social bans users who post footage from Jan. 6 hearings
The site professes to be a safe haven for unfettered speech – unless that speech is anti-Trump, truth social
America Has a Free Speech Problem York Times03/18/2022cancel culture
Free Speech for Me but Not for Thee

The American right has lost the plot on free speech. -By David French Atlantic04/15/2022conservative censorship, speech code
How The Dobbs Decision Will Lead To Attacks On Free Speech; Or, Why Democrats Need To Stop Undermining Free Speech - Mike Masnick, legislation
Stop Saying It's Okay To Censor Because 'You Can't Yell Fire In A Crowded Theater' - Mike Masnick, Oliver Wendell Holmes , legislation
The Bipartisan Attacks On The Internet Are Easily Understood If You Realize They Just Want To Control Speech Online - Mike Masnick, republicans, legislation
Congress Escalates Pressure on Tech Giants to Censor More, Threatening the First Amendment
In their zeal for control over online speech, House Democrats are getting closer and closer to the constitutional line, if they have not already crossed it., tech, facebook, google, gafam
What the Left Keeps Getting Wrong About Free Speech

Laugh off concerns about “cancel culture” all you want. But even recent history shows how vital free speech is to winning social justice. -Ben Burgis Beast04/02/2022core value, history, harper's letter, cancel culture
For the left, a wake-up call on free speech- Jonathan Zimmerman Hill08/03/2021blowback, republican, democrat
Sensitivity Readers Are the New Literary Gatekeepers
Overzealous gatekeeping on race and gender is killing books before they're published—or even written. -Kat Rosenberg culture, literature
Colorado school must face lawsuit by student expelled after Holocaust post, high school, legislation
Maya Forstater was discriminated against over gender-critical beliefs, tribunal rules

Researcher lost job at thinktank after tweeting that transgender women could not change their biological sex Guardian07/07/2022transgender, cancel culture, UK
Wisconsin justices block name change for transgender woman on sex offender registry

Neither the woman’s Eighth Amendment nor First Amendment rights are violated by her being banned from changing her given male name to match her gender identity, the majority said. News Service07/07/2022transgender, prison
Netflix releases Dave Chappelle's speech slamming transphobic joke critics,comedy,art,cancel culture
The Fight Over Truth Also Has a Red State, Blue State Divide

Several states run by Democrats are pushing for stiffer rules on the spread of false information, while Republican-run states are pushing for fewer rules. York Times07/09/2022democrats,, republicans, litigation
First Amendment advocates respond to a new Arizona law limiting recording of police amendment, police, arizona
Why Iowa needs a new law to protect your right to free expression on matters of public concern Moines Register07/10/2022rhetorical hyperbole, iowa, defamation
Policymakers Need To Realize How Any Internet Regulation Will Impact Speech -Mike Masnick, blasphemy, UN, tech, hate speech
James O’Keefe Doesn’t Care About Free Speech-
By Ben Burgis veritas,
State by State, We’re Making Progress Against Anti-Speech Lawsuits
By Joe Mullin Frontier Foundation07/13/2022slapp, litigation,aclu
Yet Another Court Affirms the First Amendment Right To Record Police
The Supreme Court still refuses to weigh in on the issue. by Emma Camp,police,first amendment
LAWSUIT: Professor sues University of Washington after admins punish him for ‘inappropriate’ opinion, academia
What Is Section 230 and How Is It Different Than the First Amendment?
Although they overlap, Section 230 ultimately protects more online speech than the First Amendment. -by Andy Jung 230, first amendment, musk,twitter,tech
More Than Two Thirds Of States Are Pushing Highly Controversial (And Likely Unconstitutional) Bills To Moderate Speech Online -by Mike Masnik, legislation
Push to rein in social media sweeps the states

Lawmakers in 34 red and blue states want to crack down on how online companies handle users' content. But those efforts are colliding with the First Amendment. -Rebecca Kern, legislation
As Anti-BDS Bills Become the Norm, ACLU Takes Free Speech Fight to the Supreme Court -by Jessica Buxbaum Freedom07/14/2022BDS, Israel,palestine
Twitter sues Elon Musk for pulling out of $44B deal to buy company

The action will likely set the stage for a drawn-out battle as the company seeks to have the Tesla CEO follow through pay a $1 billion break-up fee. By Myah Ward,musk,twitter
Chris Hedges, Edward Snowden, Noam Chomsky, Paul Jay and Daniel Ellsberg on Assange,assange
Flight Attendant Triumphs Over TWU Union and Southwest in Suit About Illegal Firing; Jury Awards $5.1 Million in Damages,cancel culture, abortion,at-will employment
Guide: Decentralized Social Media Networks: All You Need To Know by Hassan Mehmood, tech
'Who Really Benefits From the First Amendment?'
My conversation with Nadine Strossen, former president of the ACLU - by Tara Henley arguments
Free speech does not equal violence: Part 1 of answers to bad arguments against free speech from Nadine Strossen and Greg Lukianoff arguments
Who Really Benefits From the First Amendment?
The purpose of free speech is to give the marginalized an escape hatch from the status quo, not to entrench political power by Nadine Strossen arguments
Former ACLU president says censoring hate speech can backfire – just like it did in Nazi Germany - by Laura E. Adkins Telegraphic Agency09/03/2020hate speech, nazis
Former UVM President Explores Free Speech in New Book
California’s Social Media Bill Flies In The Face Of The First Amendment - from the you-can-protect-children-without-infringing-on-the-1st-amendment dept by Andy Jung, AB 2408
Self-Proclaimed Free Speech Platforms Are Censoring Nude Content. Here’s Why You Should Care - by Paige Collings, nudity, conservative censorship
The ‘Dirty Quid Pro Quo’ Between Democrats and Big Tech -By Max Jones,democrats Section 230
Lean Out with Tara- HenleyTranscript: Jonathan Rauch

My conversation with the Washington journalist and author of The Constitution of Knowledge,cancel culture,gay marriage
No, Canceling Chappelle Is Not a 'Win for Free Speech' by
Greg Lukianoff, self-censorship, artists, comedy
Ukraine Government issues blacklist of ‘Russian propagandists’
The list includes a number of prominent Western intellectuals - by Finn McRedmond, disinformation, nato
Trump's purported free speech social media platform Truth Social is hiding user posts, threatening to create a 'curated echo chamber,' research group finds -by Kimberly Leonard Insider08/02/2022trump, truth social, shadow ban
EXPLAINER: Is Alex Jones’ Trial About Free Speech Rights?

Conspiracy theorist Alex Jones arrived at the start of his Texas defamation trial for calling the 2012 Sandy Hook Elementary School attack a hoax with the words “Save the 1st” scrawled on tape covering his mouth., sandy hook, litigation
Vlaming v. West Point School District speech, schools, pronouns
Prison Officials Remove Ban on Attica Book, Except for 2 Crucial Pages

In response to the author’s First Amendment lawsuit, officials said the alteration was necessary for “security reasons.” York Times08/02/2022prison
UK Man Arrested For ‘Malicious Communications’ After Posting Meme Mocking the Transgender Flag, twitter
Animal rights activists sue Beaver County for allegedly violating First Amendment rights cruelty, animal rights
Discrimination and Freedom of Belief in the Sex and Gender Debate - by Alasdair Henderson Human Rights Blog 08/03/2022transgender, employment law
Trump’s New Free Speech Network Has Already Banned Any Criticism of Itself - by Jamie Ross Beast08/07/2022social media, trump, truth social
Dr. Seuss' Books Gained Popularity After They Were Removed
And to Think That I Saw It on Mulberry Street and other titles shot up Amazon's bestseller list after being self-censored by Dr. Seuss Enterprises. -by Nick Gillespie banning, dr seuss
Free Speech on Trial - Matt Stoller
Speech is about the right to say what you want. But being heard is all about market power. That's why two antitrust cases, one in publishing and one in online video, matter., monopoly, amazon
Students sue college president who invented rules to ban conservative flyers - FIRE, litigation, clovis
The ‘Institute For Free Speech’ Seems Confused About Free Speech Online -Mike Masnik, section 230
First Amendment Scholars Say Jan. 6 Rioter Is Subject to ‘Constitutional Command’ Disqualifying Insurrectionists from Holding Public Office - by Marisa Sarnoff & Crime08/11/2022January 6
Hard-left academics are accused of stifling free speech on campus with 'witch hunt' against staff over gender beliefs Mail Online08/11/2022transgender, academia
Glassdoor Ordered to ‘Out’ Some Anonymous Users -By Roy Maurer, tech, glassdoor, international
Kan. school district’s satanic clothing prohibition infringes free speech, asserts FFRF
‘The police are now the paramilitary wing of the trans lobby’,communications act,tech,facebook
Activists lose challenge to NSW laws banning secret filming of animal cruelty

High court rules laws criminalising secretly recorded footage and rights, australia
Charleston Animal Society calls for ‘anti-SLAPP’ law after lawsuit victory,animal rights
Free Speech at the Crossroads: International Dialogues
The Rhetoric and the Impact of Two Flamboyant Has-Beens: Boris Johnson and Donald Trump – Will They Rise Again? Free Speech Project 08/11/2022event
Students Sue California College over Censorship of Anti-Communist Flyers Review08/11/2022academia, litigation, clovis
PEN America Reels from Shock and Horror Over Brutal Attack on Salman Rushdie