Remembering Regan Russell: Looking Directly at Animal Agriculture

We are their voice - Remembering Regan Russell For well over a year, all eyes have been on the pandemic. While we have been singularly focused on the pandemic, another global tragedy has been taking place, though this tragedy has been happening for many years, its existence well-known, but conveniently ignored. It’s all around us, and has been normalized to such a point where any mention of it is met with denial, justification, ostracization, and anger – not anger on behalf of those suffering, but anger towards the messenger who is making the suffering known.

The Underground Episode 1: White Privilege

Ep 1 The UndergroundIn this episode, Sasha and vatani discuss the concept of white privilege and give their critique of the popular theory peddled by those such as Robin DiAngelo and Ibram X. Kendi. They talk about why they think the conversation is being steered away from class issues, and why identity has taken the center stage in political and social discourse.

Working Class Organizing with Vincent Emanuele

Vincent EmanueleVincent Emanuele is a community organizer, US Marine Corps veteran, and host of the YouTube channel PARC Media. He is the co-founder of the PARC (Politics Art Roots Culture) Community-Cultural Center, located in Michigan City, Indiana.

Vincent joins me for a discussion about grassroots organizing, class based issues in today’s political climate, and his thoughts on moving the conversation past wokeism or anti-wokeism.