Free Speech FUND

The Plebity Free Speech fund disburses money in support of free speech.

Grant requirements

Grants are awarded based on specific criteria. The specific ideology of the recipients are not relevant to us and grants are available to anyone who applies. As an organization with legal non-profit status in the U.S. we base our grants on specific criteria:

Individual grants: person must be able to show that they were materially harmed as a result of exercising their free speech. They need to be able to document that they have a material need for these funds.

Honorariums: must demonstrate significant commitment to defending free speech principles

Litigation: for Plebity to support litigation it must have social significance beyond the interests of the parties involved, must not be motivated by hope for a financial payout.

 Application process

We have a 2 step application process for individual grants. the first step is to submit this form. Applicants who are potentially apprpriate recipients will the be asked to submit a second form that collects some detailed information about their personal finances. Our non-profit status requires us to collect documentation of the material need of the applicant.

  Origins of the Fund

 Plebity co-founder Sasha White was fired from her job as an assistant literary agent in 2020 as a result of exercising her right to free speech on a personal social media account that was unrelated to her job or her employer. We originally founded the fund to offer help to people who might find themselves in similar unfortunate circumstances and who could benefit from our concrete support. Since then we have expanded the goals of the fund to include more general honorariums and litigation support all in relation to the defense of free speech.

 Recipients of the fund

See some of the recipients of our Free Speech Fund grants here.