Free Speech Fund grant recipients

Solidarity Wins Out Over Intolerance and Cancel Culture

Last week Plebity awarded its most recent Free Speech Fund grant to Valerie Pelletier. Plebity thanks Jodi Shaw for her generous donation to our Free Speech Fund which makes our support for individuals like Valerie possible.

Fired From Women’s Org for Being Gender Critical

Valerie Pelletier is a feminist, street musician and survivor of the sex industry from the age of 16 to 23 years old.

Valerie joins me to talk about her life story and the most recent event of being fired from a women's resource organization in Canada for her gender critical Facebook posts.

Marguerite Stern, a Collective Lie, and the Breaking Point

Marguerite Stern gets an egg thrown in her face Crack. The sound of the egg hitting Marguerite Stern in the face. The sound of women’s patience reaching its breaking point around the world.

Because the truth is, she took that egg to the face for all of us. For the victims of femicide, whom she was demonstrating for that day, but also for every woman who has been told to shut up by the trans activists who tell us we are not allowed to say what a woman is.

Marguerite is a full time French activist. She founded a collage campaign to raise awareness and speak out against femicide. She also refuses to lie about what a woman is. She knows a woman is an adult human female, she knows that the reason some people are victims of femicide is because they were born with a female body. She knows and says out loud that woman is not a feeling, not an identity that a man can don at his will. For this crime, she has been hounded, pushed out of her living quarters, forced out of work, and been physically attacked.

Justice for Marguerite

Marguerite Stern - National Geographic Magazine

The Plebity Free Speech Fund has awarded an initial grant of $1300 for Marguerite Stern, a French feminist who has been an activist in the trenches for many years. This will be our first fundraising campaign.

Members of our Patreon site reviewed the details of Marguerite's story and voted to move forward to award the grant to Marguerite, who after more than a decade of feminist activism is out of work and in need of a new living space.

In 2019 Marguerite began a campaign of posters put up in the streets to publicize the issue of femicide in France. The campaign spread to cities throughout the country and she has become a familiar name and face in France. She was just featured in the French version of National Geographic Magazine to illustrate the word justice - see the image above.

Most recently, Marguerite has been severely targeted and harassed by gender identity ideologues for her woman centered activism.

“Proud to Stand My Ground” – Raquel Rosario Sánchez

Raquel Rosario Sánchez Raquel Rosario Sánchez is a writer, campaigner and researcher from the Dominican Republic. She is currently pursuing a PhD with the Centre for Gender and Violence Research at the University of Bristol. Raquel’s academic specialism is violence against women, and her PhD work focuses on online communities of men who pay for sex. In 2018, when she chaired a meeting for the organization Woman's Place UK, she began to be targeted by transgender activists on campus. For two years Raquel endured bullying and harassment from gender identity ideologues while the University not only failed to protect her, but treated her like a perpetrator. She was subject to cross examination in front of one of the trans activist students who was leading the charge against her. She was ignored and blamed, as well as subject to questioning of her feminist beliefs. She tells me that she could never have accepted the University’s offers to settle the matter with money, and she is instead proudly standing up for women everywhere by bringing a legal case against the University. We discuss what it feels like to momentarily be at the center of the gender war, how to weather the storm of being mobbed, and how we think the tide may be turning. The story of such an intelligent, clear-thinking feminist woman being subject to this level of abuse is deeply chilling. If you’re looking for a modern day feminist hero, look no further than Raquel.