A Chat With Nehanda

Crossroads edpisode with Nehanda In this episode, I am joined by Nehanda, an artist and feminist who decided to speak out against gender identity ideology after witnessing the policing of women's language online by gender activists. We chat about Nehanda's music journey, what got her into rap originally, and how standing up for women is her main driving force.

Identity Crisis Episode 21 The Decline of the ACLU

Identity Crisis Ep 21In this episode, we attempt to chronicle what we consider the decline of the ACLU. We begin with a game where we take a drink every time Chase Strangio tells a lie in this interview on Democracy Now. Then we discuss this recent New York Times article: "Once a Bastion of Free Speech, the A.C.L.U. Faces an Identity Crisis".

Plebity Interviewed by The Sidebar

The SidebarThis week, Mark White of Plebity had the chance to meet with Scott Costen, Nova Scotia based journalist at The Sidebar to discuss our Free Speech Fund and the political vision behind Plebity. The Sidebar is a progressive, independent media platform that is part of a growing ecosystem of genuinely progressive, independent platforms which reject the conformity of much of what passes for current leftist discourse. We hope everyone will read the article and check out The Sidebar.