“Whenever Women Gain Rights, There’s Always a Backlash Against It. ” -Aja

Aja sits down with me to chat about some recent events in the gender critical world, why she speaks out on this topic, the nature of truth-telling, and whether a cultural shift may be approaching.

We also talk about her first time hearing the word TERF—when lesbian group Get The L Out protested London pride in 2018. After witnessing the event, she began to do some research, and learned that gender identity ideology was demanding that lesbians view transwomen as women. She also tells her firsthand story of a notorious incident, a women's Labour party meeting near Grenfell Tower where transgender activists in masks set off smoke bombs and harassed the women attending the meeting.

Why the Giggle App is for Females Only

There is currently a massive misunderstanding in society. For some people, I think this misunderstanding is intentional. It serves a very clear purpose. For others, it is a pure and simple misunderstanding. I think the only way to move forward is communication, honesty and compassion. The misunderstanding regards female rights and the transgender community.

I want to give you a little bit of a history of what I do and why:

I am the founder and CEO of Giggle, a social networking & social media app for females.

Marguerite Stern, a Collective Lie, and the Breaking Point

Marguerite Stern gets an egg thrown in her face Crack. The sound of the egg hitting Marguerite Stern in the face. The sound of women’s patience reaching its breaking point around the world.

Because the truth is, she took that egg to the face for all of us. For the victims of femicide, whom she was demonstrating for that day, but also for every woman who has been told to shut up by the trans activists who tell us we are not allowed to say what a woman is.

Marguerite is a full time French activist. She founded a collage campaign to raise awareness and speak out against femicide. She also refuses to lie about what a woman is. She knows a woman is an adult human female, she knows that the reason some people are victims of femicide is because they were born with a female body. She knows and says out loud that woman is not a feeling, not an identity that a man can don at his will. For this crime, she has been hounded, pushed out of her living quarters, forced out of work, and been physically attacked.