Identity Crisis Episode 17: Another Woman Fired for Being Gender Critical

Identity Crisis Episode 17 - Valerie PelletierIn this episode, Sasha and M.K. discuss the story of Valerie Pelletier, who was fired from a Canadian women’s organization last year for expressing her gender critical views outside of work. Valerie went public with the details of her story on May 14th, in an interview with Plebity. They discuss the ins and outs of the story, what we think of it, and why this is so ominous for free speech and women only spaces.

Trans Trending with Aaron Terrell

Aaron TerrellAaron Terrell is a transman who is critical of gender identity ideology and the trans movement, as well as other elements of woke/identitarian culture. He joins me for a chat about his new Substack, Trans Trending, the comparisons he makes between the religious elements of gender ideology and his own evangelical upbringing, as well as AGP men, the distinction between true transphobia and the oft-thrown accusation of it, and much more.

How to Survive Cancellation: Part 1, the Immediate Aftermath

How To Survive Being Cancelled - M.K. FainIn 2015, I lost my mother to suicide only a few weeks after being fired from what I believed was my dream job. At a time when I already lacked stability, I suddenly had to step up and help provide for my family.

While everyone’s situation is unique, and I’ve certainly enjoyed some privileges that have aided my ability to bounce back each time, these are the skills that have helped me survive the immediate aftermath of being cancelled.