Stella O’Malley: the Plight of Parents with Gender Dysphoric Children

Stella O'Malley Sasha is joined by psychotherapist and writer Stella O'Malley to discuss her new organization for parents of gender-questioning kids, Genspect. They talk about the gender medicine industry, the nightmare situation many parents find themselves in when they bring their child to a gender therapist for help, the motives of the doctors and other professionals who push this experimental craze, and much more.

McCarthyism, Political Courage and High Noon

Anti-reds posterWitch hunts in various forms are one of those recurring themes of human history. One variation, known as McCarthyism, has returned recently, at least in the lexicon. The word McCarthyism has been thrown around a lot lately. Like ‘fascist’ or ‘marxist,’ it is a part of the word arsenal deployed in our current culture wars.

The Underground Episode 3: Arty Morty on the Social Woes of Wokeness

The Underground Episode 3: Arty Morty on the Social Woes of WokenessThis episode Sasha and Nesim are joined by Arty Morty for a conversation about whether the entrenchment of identity is good or bad for minority groups, what they think of media representation of their own identities, what certain activists don't understand about human behavior, and much more.
This is part one of their two hour long conversation.