Butler, Sedgwick and Queer Theory – part 3 in the postmodernism series

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Judith Butler at UC Berkeley

The most influential queer theorist is Judith Butler an American philosopher who draws heavily upon Foucault and Derrida. Butler’s chief contribution to queer Theory was to question the links between sex – the biological categories of male and female – gender- the behaviours and traits commonly associated with one sex or the other – and sexuality – the nature of sexual desire. Butler claims gender is wholly socially constructed, and developed her most well-known concept: gender performativity. She claims gender roles are taught and learned unwittingly through socialisation – as sets of actions, behaviours, manners, and expectations and people perform these roles accordingly.

On the Limitations of the ‘Lived Experience’

On the Limitations of the ‘Lived Experience’
For the better part of a decade, I immersed myself in social justice causes. I made sure I kept myself up-to-date with the latest social justice jargon, even when it was confusing and contradictory (though I wouldn’t admit to it at the time).

The Underground Episode 3: Arty Morty on the Social Woes of Wokeness

The Underground Episode 3: Arty Morty on the Social Woes of WokenessThis episode Sasha and Nesim are joined by Arty Morty for a conversation about whether the entrenchment of identity is good or bad for minority groups, what they think of media representation of their own identities, what certain activists don't understand about human behavior, and much more.
This is part one of their two hour long conversation.

The Underground Episode 1: White Privilege

Ep 1 The UndergroundIn this episode, Sasha and vatani discuss the concept of white privilege and give their critique of the popular theory peddled by those such as Robin DiAngelo and Ibram X. Kendi. They talk about why they think the conversation is being steered away from class issues, and why identity has taken the center stage in political and social discourse.